Ethics in Focus

Ethics in Focus  (from Vol 11, No 1 (2017))

The Ethics of Cooperation and the Contraceptive Mandate: Legal, Political, and Moral Dimensions PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 1-14
Co-operation in the Age of Hobby Lobby: When Sincerity is Not Enough PDF
David S. Oderberg 15-30
Religious Doctrine and the HHS Mandate PDF
Charles F. Capps 31-43
Coerced Proximate Contingent Material Cooperation: An Analysis of the HHS Contraceptive Mandate PDF
T.A. Cavanaugh 44-59
Presence, Privilege, and Moral Appropriation: Reading Zubik as an Act of Protest PDF
Kate Ward 60-71

Ethics in Focus  (from Vol 10, No 1 (2016))

Ethics after Kohlberg: Catholic Social Teaching as Example and Test PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 1-7
Catholic Social Teaching: Transforming Students, Transforming Society PDF
Jennifer Reed-Bouley 8-16
"Justice Matters": A Multi-Faceted Implementation of Catholic Social Teaching across the Curriculum PDF
Jerome Zurek 17-31
Faculty as Moral Gardeners: Formation Rooted in the Catholic Social Tradition PDF
Margarita M. Rose 32-39
Framing Student Appropriation of Catholic Social Teachings and Tradition PDF
Heather Mack 40-51

The Idea of a Catholic College  (from Vol 9, No 1 (2015))

Editor's Introduction PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 31-32
The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and American Catholic Higher Education PDF
Alexander R. Eodice 33-40
Newman and the Virtue of Philosophy PDF
Jonathan J. Sanford 41-55
Identity and the Catholic University: Culture or Epistemology? PDF
Ilia Delio, O. S. F. 56-68
Imagining How to Be Christ-Like Together PDF
Karen Eifler, Charles Gordon, C. S. C 69-77
Educating for Shalom PDF
Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. 78-89
Pre-Christian Classics in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition PDF
Kim Paffenroth 90-95
Philosophy, Theology, and the Core Curriculum: Case Studies at the University of St. Thomas PDF
Stephen J. Laumakis 96-105

Ethics in Focus  (from Vol 8, No 2 (2014))

The Ethics of Metaethics: On Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 1-10
The Peculiar Flavor of Nagel’s Metaethics PDF
Regan Lance Reitsma 11-25
Explaining Value: Nagel on Normative Realism and the Teleology of Evolution PDF
Micah Lott 26-37
Dissolving the Debunker’s Puzzle PDF
Terence Cuneo 38-49
Evolution and Value PDF
Francisco J. Ayala 50-58

Ethics in Focus (from Vol 7, No 1 (2013))

Ethics Education: More Than a Good Idea? PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 16-21
Learning from the Labs: Reimagining Ethics Instruction PDF
Karen Adkins, Abigail Gosselin 22-32
Mearsheimer’s Mistakes: Why Colleges Should (and Inevitably Do) Provide Moral Guidance PDF
Gregory Bassham 33-41
What’s the Purpose of Ethics Education? PDF
Ronald Duska 42-52
The Virtue of Teaching Theological Ethics PDF
Daniel J. Issing, C. S. C. 53-63
Why Teach Moral Development? PDF
D. Kay Johnston 64-71
Educating for Ethical Engagement: Teaching Ethics to Graduate and Professional Students PDF
Toby Schonfeld 72-87