Vol 3, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Editors' Preface PDF
John A. Doody, Peter Busch 139

Overheard in the Academy

Crisis, Opportunity, Danger? Mark C. Taylor’s “End the University as We Know It" PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 141-142
Needed: Some (Any!) Philosophy of Higher Education PDF
Dennis O'Brien 143-148
Reforming Graduate Science Education: Start in the Classroom PDF
Johanna L. Gutlerner 149-154
The Rage for Originality and the Curse of Prestige PDF
Mark Shiffman 155-158
What’s the Matter with Footnotes? PDF
John-Paul Spiro 159-164


The Good News (and Who’s Listening) in Tim O’Brien’s The Things they Carried PDF
John Ruff 165-171
What is the Good of the “Examined Life”? Some Thoughts on the Apology and Liberal Education PDF
Brian Satterfield 173-184

Academic Roundtable

Paul, Faustus, and Augustine’s Evolution toward Anti-anti-Semitism PDF
Jonathan P. Yates 185-195
The Presence of the Past: The Scholarly Afterlife of Adversus Judaeos Rhetoric PDF
Peter Spitaler 197-208
Two Augustines? PDF
David P. Efroymson 209-214
Living, Breathing Jewish People and Augustine’s “Jews in the Head" PDF
Rebecca Winer 215-221

Notes, Insights, and Flashes

Aquinas’s Sheep: A Note on Anscombe on Freedom PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 223-228

Book Reviews

Bound to Remember PDF
Gregory Hoskins 229-237
Reformation Now PDF
William Monter 238-244