Vol 3, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Editor's Preface PDF
Peter Busch 1-4


If the Good were God: Platonic Meditations on Theism PDF
James Wetzel 5-21
Pater's Portraits: The Aesthetic Hero in 1890 (Part II) PDF
Gerald Monsman 23-40
Santo, santo, santo: Dante’s Union of Prophet and Theophany in Paradiso 26 PDF
Stephen Little 41-56
What Has Mozart to Do with Coltrane?: The Dynamism and Built-in Flexibility of Music PDF
Cynthia R. Nielsen 57-71

Notes, Insights, and Flashes

An Analysis of Augustine's Argument in Confessions That Evil Does Not Exist PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 73-76
B.G. Prusak’s “An Analysis of Augustine’s Argument in Confessions That Evil Does Not Exist”: A Response PDF
Jonathan P. Yates 77-93
A Reply to My Critic PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 94-96

Academic Roundtable

On Charles Taylor, A Secular Age - Secularism’s Fragile Buffered Selves PDF
Micah Watson 97-105
Charles Taylor and the Future of Secularism PDF
Bruce Ledewitz 106-114

Review Articles

In and Out of Context PDF
Nicholas Popper 115-121
Shakespeare's "Philosophy": Looking or Thinking? PDF
David Schalkwyk 123-135