Vol 2, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents


Editors' Preface PDF
John A. Doody, Kim Paffenroth, Peter Busch 1-4

Academic Roundtable

Overheard in the Academy: Stanley Fish on the Humanities PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 5-6
Care of the Soul: Service-Learning and the Value of the Humanities PDF
James Boettcher 7-12
Is There a Donor in This Class? PDF
Christine A. Jones 13-17
The Useful Uselessness of the Humanities PDF
David Roochnik 19-26
The “Reflexive Humanities” PDF
Vicki Tromanhauser 27-34


W.E.B. DuBois and Socratic Questioning PDF
Thomas Hibbs 35-58
On Reading St. Augustine’s Confessions PDF
Todd Breyfogle 59-82
Pater's Portraits: the Aesthetic Hero in 1890 PDF
Gerald Monsman 83-102

Notes, Insights, and Flashes

Arendt and the "Banality" of Evil: A Note on Neiman PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 103-109

Review Articles

The Evolution of Evolution Theory and Its Controversies PDF
Andrea D. Wolfe 111-128