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Vol 12, No 1 (2018): Ethics in Focus: Special Issue on The Future of Just War Theory in Catholic Social Thought

Table of Contents

Ethics in Focus

Just War or Just Peace? The Future of Catholic Teaching on War and Peace PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 1-7
Preventing Unjust War: The Role of the Catholic Church PDF
Roger Bergman 8-19
The Future of (Catholic) Just War Theory: Marginal PDF
Lisa Sowle Cahill 20-32
Just War in the Twenty-First Century: Nonviolence, Post Bellum Justice, and R2P PDF
Drew Christiansen 33-59
Just Peace and Just War PDF
Maryann Cusimano Love 60-71
Jumping into Combat without a Parachute—on Purpose? PDF
Robert H. Latiff 72-79
The Gospels Draw Us Further: A Just Peace Ethic PDF
Eli S. McCarthy 80-102
Must the "Violent Bear It Away"? A Restorative Critique of Just War PDF
William R. O'Neill 103-125
Our Vocation Is Peacebuilding (Construo pacem est nostra vocatione) PDF
Gerard F. Powers 126-141
Why I Shall Continue to Use and Teach Just War Theory PDF
Tobias Winright 142-161