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Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Keeping the Faith Alive: The Tertön as Mythological Innovator in the Tibetan Treasure Tradition PDF
Matthew Wheeler 1-18
Clearing Being: Donald Barthelme’s Snow White and the Thought of Martin Heidegger PDF
Charles Cullum 19-30

The Idea of a Catholic College

Editor's Introduction PDF
Bernard G. Prusak 31-32
The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and American Catholic Higher Education PDF
Alexander R. Eodice 33-40
Newman and the Virtue of Philosophy PDF
Jonathan J. Sanford 41-55
Identity and the Catholic University: Culture or Epistemology? PDF
Ilia Delio, O. S. F. 56-68
Imagining How to Be Christ-Like Together PDF
Karen Eifler, Charles Gordon, C. S. C 69-77
Educating for Shalom PDF
Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. 78-89
Pre-Christian Classics in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition PDF
Kim Paffenroth 90-95
Philosophy, Theology, and the Core Curriculum: Case Studies at the University of St. Thomas PDF
Stephen J. Laumakis 96-105

Roundtable on Biblical Studies

Digging Down and Reaching Out: A Story of Biblical Scholarship in the Twenty-First Century PDF
Robert H. von Thaden, Jr. 106-113
A Perspective on the Trends and Challenges of Biblical Studies PDF
Amy Kalmanofsky 114-120
Contribution to Roundtable Discussion on Biblical Studies PDF
Carol Bakhos 121-124
Paul Beyond the Jew/Gentile Dichotomy: A Perspective from Benjamin PDF
Glenn E. Snyder 125-137
The Frankenstein of Biblical Studies? PDF
Alison L. Joseph 138-141

Book Reviews

Metz, Thaddeus. Meaning in Life: An Analytic Study. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. 288pp. $45.00 (cloth). ISBN: 978–0–199–59931–8 PDF
Gregory Bassham 142-148